200+ Pinterest Group Boards To Explode Your Blog Traffic

Explode your traffic with this MASSIVE list of 200+ Pinterest Group Boards for every niche! All of them have minimum 1,000+ followers and are currently accepting new contributors.

Let’s be honest: Pinterest group boards are the best way to grow your traffic with Pinterest.

If you’re not using them yet, you’re missing out! The reason why Pinterest group boards are so great is because they allow you to share your pins to a much, much wider audience.

Some of those group boards are being followed my thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, sometimes HUNDREDS of thousands people. And every time you share a pin in one of those groups, it’s all of those people who are likely to see your pin, click on it and save it to their own boards, making the pin visible to their own followers, etc…

So yea, group boards ARE a big deal.


I have spent literally hours (DAYS, actually) searching for the best group boards to boost my traffic. And I’m sharing this big list with you today!

All of those group boards have minimum 1,000+ followers and are currently accepting new contributors. If you notice that one of these group boards changed its status and is no longer accepting contributors, please let me know so that I can replace it! ♥︎


200+ Pinterest Group Boards For Every Niche:


♥︎ BOSS BABES GROUP BOARD | Blogging & Business Tips

Blogging Biz Tips

Ladyboss solopreneur GROUP BOARD

Share Blog + Biz Tips (Group Board)


<Blogging Tips + Tricks Collab Board>

Best of Blogging

The Blog Squad

Girl Boss // Inspiration Group Board

Girl Boss Business Tips

BEST Tips for Blog & Biz

Blogging Pros Group Board

***Bloggers ‘Post it’ Board***

Girl Boss Biz + Blog Tips

Work From Home Bloggers Only

GIRL BOSS Bloggers

:: Blogging Treasure ::

Blogger Income Reports

Fabulous Blogging

Mama Entrepreneurs

Affiliate Marketing Board

Best of Blogging

Blogging Your Heart Out

Lets Blog About It!

Social Media Girl Bosses


Profitable Bloggers Group Board

Blog Traffic Tips




Food Bloggers Group Board

Amazing Tasty Recipes

We Love Food

Multiple Recipe Pins

Favorite Recipes

Healthy Fun Food


Smoothies & Cocktails

Avocado ♥ers

Favorite Food Bloggers!

• S W E E T Eats •

Food I Love

*~* Fabulous Food for Family and Friends *~*


Clean Eating Recipes

Food Porn Share Feature

Food Heaven!




Food Lovers Paradise


♡ Fashion Bloggers ♡

Best of {Style Bloggers}

Life and Style Blogger, share your style

Fashion Finds Under $50

Best of Pinterest: Fashion

Best Beauty & Style Tips


Let’s Play Dress Up!

• Love•her•style •

• Sole•Mates •

• Look•Du•Jour

• Fashion•Bloggers•We•Love •

Fashion Bloggers Group Board

Fashion Bloggers Group Board (Same name than the previous, but different board!)

Fashion Bloggers | Best Outfits

Fashion Bloggers | How We Wore It

* Fashion & Style *

Fashion Blogger Group Board


Fashion Bloggers OOTD

Badass Style – Group Board


Beauty Bloggers (Group Board)

My Style and Beauty- Group Board

Beauty – Group Board

Makeup & Beauty Group Board

Beauty Group Board

Beauty Bloggers {Group Board}

Makeup Love ❤

Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

Make Me Up

∘ M a k e u p ∘

Makeup,Hair & Nails

Best Beauty Resources On Pinterest

❤Makeup & Beauty❤


≈ Beauty Hacks ≈

All things makeup

****Hair – Beauty – Make-Up – Fashion Accessories****

G R O U P : beauty bloggers post share

Beauty Tips

Makeup Lovers.

*Natural Beauty* ❀




Hair and Beauty

BEAUTY – Share Your Best

Beauty & Hair Tips

Best Beauty community


I Love Travel Blogging

* Travel & Leisure *

City Attractions Discovery Hub

Favorite Travel Articles

Travel Destinations Discovery Hub

Travels & Cities

✈️ Sea and Ocean ✈️

Budget Travel Tips

Dream Destinations

Come Travel With Us!

Travel Bloggers Unite


Travel Bloggers’ Posts

# Travel Inspiration!

Love To Travel!

The Traveller’s Guide

✈️ Travel’s Best ✈️

Inspiring Travel(ler)s ✈

Travel The Earth

Cities Worth Traveling To

The Best Travel Tips and Ideas


My Dream Trip

Awesome Places

Travel Vacations


Travel Bloggers Tell All


The Big Travel Bucket List

✈ World Travellers || Flight Fishing ✈

✈ Favorite Places || Flight Fishing ✈

Travel Inspiration!


Home Decor / DIY

For the Love of Home

Office & Home | Interior Design & Decorating

Crafty and Creative – Group Board

DIY, Decor & Home Improvement

Home Decor & DIY

DIY *Home Decorating* Ideas

Home Decor, Crafts & DIYs

Home Decor & DIY {Dagmar’s Home}

DIY~Crafts~Home Decor

+ Home Decor Inspiration +


Home Decor Inspiration

Home Design and Decor (Group Board)

* Home Decor *

Handmade Home & Living – Etsy Group Board

2. Home Decor Group

Home Decor Group Board


home decor inspiration || group board ● ››

Home Decor and DIY Group Board

A Home Decor Group Board

Fitness / Health

Health and Fitness Group

Health, Fitness, Yoga, Detox, Cleansing and Weight Loss Group Board


Fit & Healthy


Stay Fit & Healthy

Get Fit – Get Healthy!! **

Fitness & Workouts

Fitness Motivation

Fitness & Workouts with Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors

Holistic Health and Wellness (Group Board)

Running Group Board

Fitness & Health {Group Board}

Workout Motivation | Health & Fitness Group Board

Fit Girl’s Diary Group Board

Fitness Group Board


Fitness Group Board

ARTT Fitness Group Board

•• Momlife Health + Fitness Group Board ••

Fitness & Food

₪● Fitness ● ₪

Health, Fitness & Weight Loss

:: Health & Fitness ::

Frugal Fitness

Fantastic Fitness Blogger Board


For Every Niche

The Ultimate Group Board

Best of Bloggers

The Best of Pinterest!

top millennial blogs

**Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board**

Best of Pinterest

Share Your Blog With The World!

Best of Pinterest

POST YOUR BLOG! Bloggers promote here


“The Pinterest Group Board”

Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board

***Bloggers ‘Post it’ Board***

Best of Pinterest


Affirming Blog Posts

~Promote your Blog~

Best of Pinterest


Share Your Best Blog Post!

Your Favorite Blog Posts & Pins!

Blog or Bust! – Post Your Blog!

Post your Blog (All Niche)

Best of Pinterest

Blog your heart out!

Check out this MASSIVE list of 200+ Pinterest Group Boards to boost your blog traffic! All of them have minimum 1,000+ followers and are currently accepting new contributors. Pinterest Group boards are the best way to grow your blog traffic fast; so start joining them today!


My fingers are now painful because of the 200+ Copy / Paste I just made them do. But it was so worth it!

I really recommend that you apply to as many group boards as you can; they are the key to success!


I really recommend that you get this ebook if you want to grow your traffic with Pinterest. It’s the best Pinterest strategy I’ve read so far, and the results are amazing. My blog traffic is growing more everyday thanks to it. Joining group boards is good, knowing how to use them is better!


Also, check out this list of all of the tools I’m using to grow my blog and income each month. If you want to know how to start a blog that DOES make money, click here! (I made + $1,000 in my first 5 months of blogging)


If you found this post super helpful or if you’re just feeling extra kind… Pin it! 😉





  1. Bonnibelle
    November 27, 2017 / 7:03 pm

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been looking for more group boards lol. Great post! Thanks so much Emma!

    • November 27, 2017 / 7:37 pm

      I’m glad this list is useful to you! ❤️

  2. November 28, 2017 / 4:35 pm

    This is awesome, thank you for sharing this list with us girl ! 😊✨

  3. November 29, 2017 / 1:48 am

    I’ll definitely be checking out a few of these!

  4. December 10, 2017 / 3:26 pm

    Perfect list. Good thing is that the list is not outdated like most of the lists on other sites. I clicked on random group boards and they were all accepting new members.