The Ultimate Blogging Resource Library

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Here is the ultimate blogging resource library, the list of EVERY tools that I'm using to grow my blog and make money from it. No joke -everything is here.

Welcome to the Blogging Resource Library! Starting a blog can feel like the most complicated thing sometimes. There are so many things to learn, so many things to do, and so many tools available to do all of those things. It’s hard to know what tools will really help you grow a successful blog.

But hey, I’ve got you covered !

This blogging resource library is the list of EVERY tools that I’m using to grow my blog and make money from it. No joke -everything is here.

If you are serious about blogging, please keep in mind that your blog should be considered as a business, and just like every other businesses, it requires an investment. You should definitely start a self-hosted blog, that way you will be able to start monetizing it right away! I really recommend that you start with affiliate marketing, it’s honestly the easiest way to earn a passive income with your blog from the start and quickly reimburse your hosting fees. I earned over $95 in my first month of blogging!

There are three things you need for a successful blog: smart investments, monetization and promotion strategies, and hard work. ( ← Precious info here ! ♥︎)




  • Bluehost: Being self-hosted is a must if you want to monetize your blog. I am using Bluehost for my blog and I love it ! They allow you to start a blog for as low as $3.95 per month , and get a free domain name when using my link.
  • Mailchimp: You definitely need a newsletter as a blogger. I am using Mailchimp. It is completely free if you have under 2000 subscribers, which makes it my favourite newsletter tool to start with !
  • Fiverr: Eeeh how did I blog for months without Fiverr?! If you haven’t heard of Fiverr yet, it’s a huge place for any blogging and business services, including graphic design (logos, social media designs, etc), writing services (proofread, translations, etc), digital marketing services (SEO, Social media marketing, email marketing etc) and more. Their price range starts at just $5!




  • Creative Market: It’s my N°1 place to go to when I need a new blog theme or any graphic design! I’m the biggest fan of all of their WordPress themes, fonts, logos, social media templates, etc. Creative Market has it all.
  • Etsy: Etsy has lots of beautiful and affordable themes for your blog. They also have a lot of cute graphic designs that you can use for your blog posts and social media.
  • Photoscape: If you don’t use Photoscape, you’re missing out. It is a free photo editing and graphic design software that I use for my blog photos and to create my Pinterest graphics.
  • Canva is another graphic design alternative, but since it is a website and not a real software, you have to have an internet connexion to use it.
  • Fiverr: Well, since you can get graphic designs on Fiverr, I have to put it here, too.


Useful read: 10 Feminine WordPress Themes To Make Your Blog Look Gorgeous





Affiliate Marketing:

  • Awin: I think Awin is my favorite affiliate program. It is so easy to use and they have some awesome brands like Etsy (Yay !), Missguided, + 6000 other brands!
  • Shareasale: This is one of the most popular affiliate network. Shareasale is really big. They work with tons of brands (literally), so you will surely find multiple brands you like there.
  • Amazon: Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular as well. Everybody shops on Amazon, right? So why not make a little extra money with them ?
  • CJ Affiliate: Another huge affiliate network ! CJ works with a lot of cool brands too, there’s something for every niche there.



Ad Networks:

  • displays ads on your site. It is powered by Yahoo! and Bing, and offer a nice payment.
  • Adsense: You’ve probably heard of Adsense already; this is probably the ad network the most used by new bloggers.




  • Tailwind: My favorite Pinterest scheduler! I am using Tailwind to schedule my pins and grow my Pinterest reach. I have seen such an amazing growth in my followers and repins since I’m using it, I cannot recommend it enough. You can get a FREE MONTH with this link only. (You will not get a free month if you go directly on Tailwind’s site.)
  • Buffer: I am using Buffer to schedule tweets. I am currently using the free version, and it’s enough for me !




  • Yoast SEO: If I had to choose only one plugin for my blog, it would be this one. Yoast SEO is a must to optimize your content for search engines; it literally tells you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong in your posts.
  • Editorial Calendar: This is the plugin that I use to schedule my posts. It is like a calendar where you write your upcoming posts. This plugin gives you an overview of your upcoming posts, allows you to schedule new ones and modify them in a second.
  • Pin it Button: You want your posts to be shared on Pinterest, and for that, you need to put a “Pin it” button on you blog’s images. This plugin is perfect for that matter, you just instal it, and then forget about it.
  • Pretty Link: This plugin is great to avoid ugly and super long affiliate links. It allows you to track how many times your links have been clicked.






This blogging resource library is really precious to me; all of those tools help me grow my blog so much day after day, and I hope they help your blog too.

Is there anything you would add to this blogging resource library? If you created one of your own, send me a link below, I’ll be glad to check it out. I always love reading your blogs !

Don’t forget to share this page if you found it useful, or pin it for later ! ♥︎

See you soon loves,